How to set the Loyalty Program at iReap POS


How to set the Loyalty Program at iReap POS

The loyalty program is an accolade initiative that corporations bestow upon their clientele. The aim of this loyalty program is to enhance customer allegiance, rendering them steadfast adherents to the products and business services, and potentially even attracting the attention of novel patrons.

Having incorporated the iReap POS Pro, here are the guidelines for configuring the loyalty program within the iReap POS Pro point-of-sale application:

Configuring the Loyalty Program in the iReap POS Pro Application

There exists an array of categories and exemplars of loyalty programs. One of these is the Loyalty Points system. Within this schema, patrons shall accrue points of specified denominations with each transaction executed within your enterprise.

Subsequently, upon having amassed the requisite tally of points, they can be exchanged pursuant to certain stipulations. For instance, as the proprietor of the establishment, you shall bestow 100 points upon patrons whose purchases amount to Rp100,000. Upon redemption of these 100 points, patrons shall be entitled to a discount of Rp10,000 in their subsequent expenditures.

To facilitate an automated progression of the accumulation and redemption of the loyalty program, a configuration process becomes imperative. The ensuing steps expound upon this endeavor.

1. Employing the Android Point-of-Sale Application iReap POS Pro

In order to leverage the functionality of the automated loyalty program embedded within your employed Android point-of-sale application, a prerequisite is the utilization of the iReap POS Pro Android point-of-sale application.

Should this requirement not have been fulfilled, you can procure the application here: Download iReap POS Pro. Subsequent to the consummation of the download process, promptly create your account by furnishing your email address and password.

2. Accessing Your iReap POS Pro Account

Upon having adopted the iReap POS Pro point-of-sale application, the next step is to either access or log into your account. This can be accomplished through either or

Following this, you shall be greeted by the principal page of your individual iReap POS Pro account. It is advisable to execute this login via a desktop platform.

Configuring Customer Loyalty Program in iReap POS Pro

3. Configuring Customer Loyalty Program in iReap POS Pro

The ensuing actions elucidate the stages requisite for the establishment and adjustment of the loyalty program:

  • On the principal page of your iReap POS Pro account, direct your gaze towards the menu section situated on the left-hand side and effectuate a click on “Administration.”
Display of the iReap POS Pro Administration Page
  • Subsequently, select “Loyalty Program.” This shall usher you into the realm of Loyalty Configuration.
View of the Loyalty Settings Page on iReap POS Pro
  • Activate the toggle switch positioned at the apex and transmute it to the “ON” position to initiate this setup. (Should you wish to deactivate the program, a simple return to the “OFF” position suffices).
Toggle ON OFF in Loyalty Settings
  • Insert the quantum of transactions and the accruement of points into the “Point Accumulation” segment.
  • Subsequently, inscribe the quantum of points that can be redeemed and the corresponding discount patrons shall be entitled to within the “Point Redemption” division.
  • Exercise a final perusal to preclude any inadvertent errors.
  • Upon completing this course, effectuate a click on “Save Configuration.”

4. Culmination of Loyalty Program Configuration

To ascertain the congruence of the patron loyalty program with the established configurations, a display akin to the one below shall manifest:

Loyalty Program display after Setup is completeSimple, is it not? Having concluded the course on configuring the loyalty program within the iReap POS Pro, you can further delve into the optimal utilization of this facet within the subsequent guide: Guide to Utilizing Patron Loyalty / Points Feature in IREAP POS PRO. Alternatively, if any uncertainty lingers and a more extensive comprehension of the Point of Sale domain is desired, proceed to the subsequent article, namely, A Guide to Selecting an Apt Point of Sale System in Accordance with the Nature of Your Enterprise.



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