Minimarket Business Opportunities and How to Get Started


How to Start a Minimarket Business

How to start a minimarket business can be by choosing first, wanting to be independent, or wanting to franchise. Then, you need to make a business plan, calculate capital, arrange permits, prepare places, etc.

To make it more complete and precise, let’s first read the minimarket business opportunity and how to start a minimarket business from this article.

Minimarket Business Opportunities

Minimarket business opportunities are still profitable and wide open. This is because a minimarket makes it easy for the people in the vicinity to fulfill their daily needs.

Indeed, nowadays, many e-commerce sites allow people to shop without leaving the house. Even so, more people still choose to shop in person or stop by a minimarket while on a trip.

In principle, as long as minimarkets can sell products at affordable prices, they create a feeling of comfort when shopping in a clean place and neat product arrangement. So customers will only think for a short time to bring the product they want to the cashier.

Simple logic, the minimarket business is profitable, and the prospects are good. That is why Indomaret and Alfamart continue to open branches in various cities and regions in Indonesia.

So, if you are interested in opening a minimarket business, continue reading to find out how to get started.

How to Start a Minimarket Business

Minimarket Business Opportunities and How to Get Started

1. Decide First, Want a Franchise or Own Business

When you want to start a minimarket business, you have to choose first. Want independent business or franchise? If you want to start by opening a business independently, you can start with whatever capital and whenever you want to start.

Meanwhile, if you open a minimarket business on a franchise basis, there are procedures that you must follow, and of course, you must also have ready capital.

It’s a good idea to find out what benefits you will get from this business model and how much money you have to prepare.

2. Capital Availability

Both independent businesses and franchises, both require capital. The money to open a minimarket business independently is much less, especially if you start by opening a grocery store first and taking advantage of the space at home.

Meanwhile, for minimarket businesses that are medium in size and must have a special place, the capital prepared is between 50 million and 100 million.

Furthermore, if you want to open a minimarket on a franchise basis, the money will be much more significant.

3. Selecting a Location and Setting Up a Venue

Choose the right and strategic business location. For example, in residential areas, neighborhoods with a large population, or places on the side of the road and in the center of the crowd (near the market, the campus, boarding areas, and so on).

Remember, the business location should also have parking facilities, so it doesn’t interfere with public roads.

4. Obligation to take care of business license and have insurance

Remember to take care of a business license first so your minimarket business can run smoothly without interruption.

In addition to a business license, you must also have insurance for protection and anticipation of unexpected things.

5. Crucial Customer Needs Survey in the Past

If the business permit, location, and initial planning are ready, now is the time for you to survey who your customers will be and what their needs are. This method will give you an idea of ​​how many products must be available in your mini-market.

Minimarket Business Opportunities

6. Equipment Required

Make a list of the convenience store equipment you need. For example, how many shelves for displaying products must be available, cashier desks, small display shelves for the checkout counter, the cashier application you want to use, even air conditioners, refrigerators, ice cream freezers, and so on.

Then also, find out the price for each piece of equipment so that you can prepare the funds simultaneously.

7. Find Supplier

Because you already know who your customers are and what products they need most often, you can also find out the price range for the products they can afford.

This means you have to find a supplier who can supply various products for your minimarket at a lower price so that you can benefit from the difference between the buying and selling prices.

Apart from price, ensure that the supplier you will work with is trustworthy, reliable, able to meet product delivery schedules, has good product quality, and so on.

8. Stock Goods As Needed

Everything is ready, now is the time for you to stock up on goods according to customer needs. Because you are just starting a business, prioritize the products customers buy the most. The goal is for the capital to circulate, and you can continue to develop your minimarket business in stages.

Avoid selling products that are not primary needs, such as perfumes, and kitchen utensils, for example, so that money does not “stay” for a long time on products that sell slowly.

9. Arrange Merchandise As Attractive As Possible

Arrange products as attractive as possible and easy for customers to find. Even better if you give a name for each part of the shelf, for example, a food shelf, a snack shelf, a milk shelf, and so on.

A neat appearance and making it easier for customers will make it easier for your employees to check stock items and stock taking.

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Well, after the preparations for starting a minimarket business are complete. Trust me, a company can run if you plan everything carefully and continue to evaluate and improve things that need further improvement, such as how to serve customers, record finances, manage business profits, etc. If you still need additional references, you may also read the article; Minimarket Business Success Secrets for Beginners.



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