Marketers, Avoid These 9 Digital Marketing Mistakes

kesalahan digital marketing yang harus dihindari

digital marketing mistakes

In the previous few articles, you have studied and known what digital marketing is, the types of digital marketing strategies, and maybe even implemented digital marketing strategies. How is the result? Try to do an analysis and evaluation for each strategy that has been implemented. In addition, you also need to avoid mistakes in implementing a digital marketing strategy. What are the digital marketing mistakes to avoid? Come on, read more in this latest iReap article.

Digital Marketing Mistakes Businesses and Marketers Should Avoid

1. Improper Strategy

Digital marketing is one of the marketing strategies that can help you optimize and grow your business if done properly. Unfortunately, many still do digital marketing and go along with it and end up implementing strategies that are not right on target. So, how should it be? Well, strategies that are not right on target can include not having a clear goal in implementing a digital marketing strategy and targeting an irrelevant audience to the business or product.

  • Set the goals you want to achieve at the beginning before you start implementing a digital marketing strategy. Each goal has a different way of achieving it. You need to set a key performance indicator (KPI). For Example: increasing brand awareness, bringing in leads, increasing product sales, and much more.
  • The target audience must also be defined from the start. Because not all consumers match your product. That is why you must first identify the appropriate and potential target audience for the product you are marketing. Create audience personas based on audience interest in products, demographics, digital platforms, and social media habits, including shopping habits.

The two things above are decisive in compiling and planning a digital marketing strategy that is right on target. Why? Because the digital platform you will use to target the millennial audience is different from the professional target audience, for example...

digital marketing is not right on target

2. Ignore Consumer Trends and Needs

Trends in society play a role in creating a potential market that is a pity to ignore. So, as a businessman who wants to implement a digital marketing strategy, you need to understand and follow what trends are being talked about by many people. Then, find the relevance of your product or business to those trends.

To find out the trends that take place in society, you can use Google Trends. Just enter the product name in the search field, then Google Trends will show a graph of the demand for the product in question.

In addition, the next mistake in implementing digital marketing you do not understand consumer needs. A business can be successful faster if your business can meet the needs of the community and the products marketed are easy to find and obtain by consumers.

So, make sure before implementing digital marketing you know the trends, the most crucial consumer needs, and how you can meet those needs with the products, business services, or services you have.


3. Customize Products to Customer Expectations

The buyer’s name must have certain expectations of products that meet their needs. Then you, as a business owner, need to adjust the products you market to customer expectations. If not, the digital marketing strategy that you are doing can fail miserably. How to adapt products to customer expectations, for example:

  • Write down the product’s advantages in your promotional content. Make sure all these advantages exist in your product.
  • Ensuring that your product can be a solution to solve consumer problems. Communicate this in detail in implementing your digital marketing strategy.
  • Product design plays an important role in digital marketing, considering that most marketing content is visual. For example: clear and not blurry product photos, attractive and instagrammable packaging designs (so beautiful when consumers share your products on their social media), and so on.
  • If you are working with influencers, KOLs, or bloggers to market your products, make sure you choose them that match the brand image of your company and products.

4. Ignoring Digital Marketing Performance Measurement

Business people use digital marketing, of course, to see how marketing is performing through numerical analysis. This means that you should not focus only on the features or promotional strategies that are carried out. Still, all promotional activities must be carried out measurably, and there are data in the form of numbers that can be evaluated and analyzed. The goal is to implement the next digital marketing strategy, and you can apply an even better strategy.

5. Business Websites Don’t Have Optimal Performance to Become a Source of Consumer Information

In carrying out a digital marketing strategy, a website is one media you need to maximize. Unfortunately, most business people only make websites, then do not optimize them, so the website’s performance as a source of consumer information is not optimal.

Some website-related errors that are often overlooked include:

  • The website’s appearance is less attractive, the website loading is slow, and consumers are difficult to explore the website.
  • Navigation on the website is not optimal, making it difficult for consumers to find the information they need.
  • Business owners pay less attention to consumer comfort when interacting with business websites.
  • The content and information on the website is incomplete.

Given the importance of having a website in implementing digital marketing, you should pay attention to the appearance and performance of your website. If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire IT personnel who are experienced in managing websites.

In addition, make sure your business website is mobile-friendly, considering that internet users currently access the website more via smartphones or tablets. Don’t forget, and a good business website should have the following:

  • Fast and responsive website access
  • Websites are easy to find in search engines.
  • Have a clear, concise, and informative call to action (CTA) and landing page.
  • Information about brands and contacts is available on the website to make it easier for consumers to contact you.
a digital marketing strategy

6. Ignoring Storytelling and Copywriting

The communication style of writing, images, and videos is closely related to creating digital marketing content. Well, you need storytelling and copywriting skills that are important in conveying a message in detail but still attractive to consumers.

The content you create should give a positive impression, be interesting, entertaining, or leave a deep impression that keeps consumers remembering your products and brand. In addition, it will be more interesting if the content created can educate consumers so that consumers can have good brand awareness of your product while emphasizing that your product can be a solution that helps them solve problems.

7. Invalid Ads and Landing Pages

Other common mistakes in digital marketing applications, such as advertising and landing pages, do not match. Of course, this can reduce consumer confidence in your business. To prevent this, you must check and ensure each ad element matches what you show on the landing page. In addition, the landing page content must also match the ads you place on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or others.

8. Not Remarketing

Often what happens, business people focus on getting as many new potential customers as possible and ignore potential customers who already have an interest but haven’t made a transaction. A simple example: You are constantly looking for new customers in every digital marketing strategy you do.

In fact, during the process, several potential customers are already interested, have visited the website, or may have saved several products in the shopping cart but have not completed the transaction. These potential customers should also be given attention and encouragement to complete the transaction. How to?

You can do remarketing. Remarketing aims to remind potential customers about your products and business while encouraging them to complete the transaction immediately. Potential customers who feel cared for by the brand usually open up opportunities to make them loyal customers. A little attention in the form of email marketing can also attract their attention.

9. No Data to Analyze

In carrying out a digital marketing strategy, you need to evaluate the results of your digital marketing activities. This means that you need data analysis to find out whether the digital marketing you are doing is right on target or not.

For that, you need to meet the need for accurate and real-time data so that you can plan and organize more effective marketing activities in the future. Unfortunately, not all business people have accurate data and, at the same time, can read the available data.

The easiest way to get website traffic data is to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You can also use third-party tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. Meanwhile, you can use the tools already available on each social media platform to get social media insight data.

Another way to get data on the number of sales transactions that have occurred, the number of loyal customers who often make purchases, selling products, customer databases, and real-time financial reports, you can use the iReap Pos application. This application also allows you to manage your business better, provide full customer service, and manage and run business operations, such as cashier and goods management systems.