Get to know 2 Choices of Cashier Applications for Small Business


Cashier Applications for Small Business

What is a cashier application? The cashier application is software that can help process business transactions like a cash register in medium and large scale retail businesses.

Currently, even small businesses can use the cashier application using only a smartphone so that business operations can run smoothly and efficiently.

Any free cashier application? You can choose the free cashier application iReap POS Lite. Is there a paid cashier application with a low monthly fee? Of course there is, namely iReap POS PRO. Read a full explanation of the 2 choices of cashier applications for small businesses in this article, come on.

1. iReap POS Lite Free Cashier Application

What is the iReap POS cashier application? iReap POS is an acronym for integrated retail application point of sale.

The iReap POS cashier application was designed and developed by PT. Sterling Tulus Cemerlang to help business people manage and run business or shop operations. Starting from the process of recording transactions and sales to the stock system (managing inventory).

If you are a small business owner, such as a grocery store, minimarket, online business owner, dining depot, craft business, coffee shop, even a hairdressing business, then using the iReap POS lite cashier application can be an option.

Free Cashier App iREAP POS Lite

Advantages of the iReap POS Lite Cashier Application

  • A free cashier application that is easy to use and helps the process of recording transactions in detail, reporting stock items, and even providing complete financial reports.
  • Can be accessed for life using an Android mobile phone with a minimum of version 4.1 and above.
  • Available in 5 languages, namely Indonesian, English, French, Japanese, and Russian.
  • The iReap POS lite cashier application can be used free of charge, without ads, and without data limitations. You can add multiple products to master data.
  • Can be integrated with a barcode scanner connected to a smartphone, or simply use a smartphone camera to scan product barcodes.
  • Proof of transaction can be printed or sent to the consumer’s email or to Whatsapp.
  • For printed sales receipts, businesses can connect a smartphone or tablet to a bluetooth or WiFi printer.
  • The iReap POS lite cashier application also has a stock management feature available that helps you manage incoming and outgoing goods (sold). You can immediately know when the stock of goods is running low and can immediately place an order before it runs out of stock.
  • Calculation of the price of goods is done automatically.
  • Sales profit report for each product or per transaction can be known in real time.
  • Data on goods, products sold, and categories of goods do not need to be entered one by one. You can import CSV format files so that the process of inputting goods data is faster.
  • The iReap POS lite cashier application can be used offline without an internet connection.
  • Supports graphical reports of point of sale sales transactions and reports sent via email with attachments in CSV format.
  • Available backup & restore data from and to Google Drive and Local Drive.
  • In the iReap POS free cashier application, there are 6 main menus, namely settings and parameters, goods receipt, sales transactions, master data, goods issuance, to reports.

Want to try the free cashier application yourself and feel the various benefits? Just download the free cashier application iReap Pos Lite here.

Free Cashier App iREAP POS Lite

2. iReap POS Pro Paid Cashier Application

If you are currently developing a business by opening many branches and have several cashiers in one store, then you can choose the iReap POS Pro paid cashier application.

The iReap PRO cashier application is a cashier or point of sale application with an online & full offline system because iReap has cloud and local database storage.

This application will make it easier for you to monitor many stores in real time.

Advantages of the iReap POS Pro Paid Cashier Application

  • There are no restrictions on products, transactions and advertisements. You can set product sets (products that contain recipes or formulas for raw materials, such as food in restaurants), customer price lists, to special prices for each store.
  • Branch stores can be integrated into the center, so they can request goods from the head office.
  • Can print sales receipts, use barcode scans, set prices, profits, offline access, back up data, and more.
  • If it’s the first time using the iReap POS Pro cashier application, you can use it free of charge for 14 days, without the need to enter credit card data.
  • After 14 days of free trial period, you need to pay a very affordable subscription fee.
  • The subscription fee for the iReap POS Pro cashier application is only Rp. 41,666 for 1 device with one year direct payments. Meanwhile, for monthly payments, the price is Rp. 99.000,- In addition, there is also a choice of payment methods per three and six months.
  • How to subscribe to iReap POS Pro, you can use a credit card, deduct mobile credit, or you can also use an iReap POS Pro Voucher.
  • Using the iReap POS Pro cashier application allows you to use more than 1 device for 1 store because the iReap Helper feature is available, and manage up to hundreds of stores and many cashiers in one store.
  • Allows to add users so that employees who work on a shift system can use the same device, but with a different user account.
  • Can add a variety of payment methods besides cash and credit, such as OVO, GoPay, QRIS, and others.
  • Integrated with various accounting applications, such as, Zahir, SAP Business One, and SAP Business One version for SAP Hana Cloud.
  • Easy to evaluate employee performance because the iReap POS Pro cashier application also supports recording team performance and sales team attendance directly in the application.
  • Using the paid cashier application iReap Pos Pro makes it easy to record transactions per user. In addition, it will be easier for you to monitor sales per day, per store, per item, per cashier, per sales team.
  • If there are problems with the registered device, you can replace the device and the master data can be retrieved. Meanwhile, when the device is lost, you can unlink the old device and connect it to the new device.
  • New devices will get 14 days free use of the app. All master data will also be immediately synchronized to the new device, including the last stock amount.

Want to try the iReap POS Pro cashier app and take advantage of its 14 days of free usage? Just download the iReap POS Pro cashier application.

Free and paid cashier applications will help small businesses to record inventory, check the availability of goods, record sales and purchase transactions, and even provide complete and detailed financial reports.

Still unsure about choosing one of the 2 cashier application options above? If so, try to continue reading this article for a more complete explanation: Advantages of the iReap POS Cashier Application Lite



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