What is iREAP POS?

iREAP stand for Integrated Retail Application, is an application designed and developed to help you managed and run store operation, consists of Point of Sale / Cashier system and inventory control system.

Invoice Detail Information in iREAP POS Mobile
Enter Sales Transaction & Sales Return Transaction
How to Create Sales Return
iREAP POS - Sales Using Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Enter Sales Transaction for Services (Delivery Fees, Service Fees)
How to Add Open Selling Price Via Web
How to Add Open Selling Price Via Mobile
How to Add Document Discount
How to use service charge and service tax in iREAP POS PRO Mobile
How Record Team Member/Sales Assistance in Sales Transaction on my Hair Salon, Clinic, Barbershop, SPA business, and Fashion Outlet
Enter Receive Items / Goods Receipt
Enter Issue Items / Goods Issue
Reset Forgotten Password
Stock Request from Store to Head Office
What is Stock Transfer Store to Store ?
Add Stock Transfer Request
Upload Stock Transfer Request Via CSV
Add Stock Transfer Out
Add Stock Transfer in
Transferring Back Up File and restore it to different Device/Mobile/Tablet
Import Customer Master Data from CSV File
Import Master Data Item/Article/Product from CSV file
Import Data from CSV - FILE NOT FOUND !
Delete Document Transaction
Upload Master Data / Edit Master data via CSV file in iReap Pro via Web Admin (PRO.IREAPPOS.COM)
How to Add Master Data Customer Via Web
How to Add Master Data Customer Via Mobile
Upload Good Receipt Document (Upload Stock) via CSV File
Upload Good Issue Document (Upload Stock) via CSV File
Upload Good Receipt Document (Upload Stock) via Stock List
Delete / Unregister Item Master Data in iReap Pos Pro
Delete All Master Data & All Transaction in iREAP POS Pro
Correcting or Cancelling - Wrong Document Transaction
Assign User Access Rights (User management)
Detail User Group Authorization / Rights
Change Device If Your Device Is Stolen Or Broken
Daily Sales Report
Sales Analysis Report by Geographic Location
Set Column Report in iREAP POS Pro
iREAP POS Pro for Restaurant or Cafe